Democrats see partisanship in GOP Pennsylvania district map


The proposal released late Friday by House Speaker Mike Turzai and Senate President Pro Tempore Joe Scarnati splits far fewer municipalities and keeps almost 70 percent of state residents in their old districts.

A better scenario would be for Gov. Tom Wolf or the court to signal to the Legislature that a map will not be approved unless it strictly conforms to the Pennsylvania Constitution's mandate of "compact and contiguous territory ... almost equal in population" and is drawn without unnecessarily carving up municipalities.

House speaker Mike Turzai said " we got input from our members, and from Senate members, on the Republican side, and together the Republican Senate and the Republican House have submitted a map".

A spokesman for Wolf said Friday that while the map does not appear to comply with the letter of the court's order, the governor would be willing to review it. If Wolf is on board, the new map will be enacted.

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Republican leaders of the Pennsylvania Legislature say they've agreed to a proposed new map of congressional districts to replace one thrown out last month.

The justices, a majority of whom are Democrats, ordered that a new map be put in place in time for this year's elections and gave the General Assembly until Friday to send a proposed map to the governor.

Any redrawing could have significant implications not only for the state but for national politics as well, as Democrats hope to chip away at a Republican majority in the House.

"They should have challenged these maps after 2011, and they're challenging them now".

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If not, the court plans to develop its own map.

The case has seen many twists and turns, and the end could be near, but depending upon next steps from the governor; the state supreme court; and republican leaders, only time will tell.

The map released Friday provided broad outlines of districts.

Pennsylvania Democrats say a revised congressional district map being proposed by Republican leaders is too partisan, citing as evidence the results of the 2016 presidential campaign.

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Wolf has until Thursday to tell the court if he supports it.