E-cigarettes Should Be Sold In Hospitals, Says Leading Health Agency


The HSE has said the ban on vaping devices and electronic cigarettes in Irish hospitals will continue - despite fresh calls for them to be officially licensed as medical aids for quitting smoking.

The data contains more good news for the vape shops of the land too: Public Health England says it doesn't believe e-cigs are a gateway to real cigarettes among the young.

'We really want to get the message out that they really should consider using an e-cigarette because they're a lot better for them than continuing to smoke'.

PHE has published a review of the evidence, which states e-cigarettes are helping tens of thousands of smokers quit.

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It calculated the risk of cancer to be less than 1%.

But the number of people using the products has "plateaued" and now stands at just under three million people in the UK, according to the review, which was conducted by experts from King's College London and the UK Centre for Tobacco and Alcohol Studies, the University of Stirling and Cancer Research UK.

Doctors and nurses can not prescribe e-cigarettes to smokers wanting to quit because none has yet been licensed by the Medicines and Health Care Products Regulatory Authority (MHRA).

However, after a steep rise in usage the number of e-cigarette users has plateaued at just under three million people in the United Kingdom, according to the review. Thousands of smokers think e-cigarettes are just as unsafe and 40% of smokers have not tried one, it says.

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Martin Dockerell, PHE tobacco control lead has advised that smoking should be completed banned from hospital grounds - with smoking shelters re-purposed as vaping shelters.

Hospitals in England are being advised by Public Health England (PHE) to sell e-cigarettes and let patients vape indoors - advice that has met with some resistance.

Undertaken by leading independent tobacco experts, the review indicated that vaping poses only a small fraction of the risks of smoking, meaning switching completely from smoking to vaping can deliver substantial health benefits.

Researchers at the UNC School of Medicine have found that adolescents who are not susceptible to smoking cigarettes and who thought e-cigarettes were less harmful were more likely to use e-cigarettes.

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"We hope this reports will.encourage the 40 per cent of smokers who've failed to quit but never tried vaping to go ahead and switch", it said in a statement.