Elon Musk promises Model 3 safety changes after crash report


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With a 50/50 chance of failure, the rocket launch was the first demonstration of not only SpaceX's most powerful rocket ever, but of the most powerful rocket in the world now.

Though it's mostly a publicity stunt - the vehicle doesn't have any scientific instruments on board - it's now classified as a near-earth object, meaning it is catalogued and being tracked by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory along with other objects that will travel relatively close to Earth.

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As Daniel Clery reports for Science, researchers specializing in orbital dynamics took a swing at calculating the car's possible journey over the next few million years. There is a 2.5% chance of it colliding with Venus in the next one million years.

Subsequent flybys are hard to precisely model because of gravitational and other effects on the Tesla's trajectory, but the researchers say multiple computer simulations permit a statistical analysis that indicates the odds of a collision with Earth are very low over the next million years. "While the impact probability of such Earth-crossing objects can be estimated precisely on human timescales, the roadster's chaotic orbit cannot be accurately predicted on timescales of many encounters".

The crash prompted a response on Twitter from Tesla's chief executive, Elon Musk, who said the company would add a software feature that automatically opens the glovebox after a crash. "The likely outcome is that it will crash, in tens of millions of years, into Earth or Venus or the sun". The repeated encounters lead to a random walk that eventually causes close encounters with other terrestrial planets and the Sun.

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"Long-term integrations become highly sensitive to the initial conditions after several such close encounters", the abstract continues.

The Tesla vehicle with a dummy named Starman which was launched into space is likely to stay there for tens of millions of years before crashing into Earth or Venus. They ran computer simulations to estimate the crashing time of the Tesla Roadster.

The Roadster will come within one Earth-moon distance from our planet in 2091.

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It will likely end up colliding with Earth or Venus, but there's no need to panic since the probability of that happening even within the next million years is very small.
Any small change in its trajectory could greatly affect its orbit.