Father Who Attacked Larry Nassar Speaks Out About The Incident


So far, more than 250 women and girls have come forward to say they were abused by Nassar, who for years worked for Michigan State and USA Gymnastics as a revered sports doctor.

The pervert Michigan State University medic was slapped with the sentence Monday morning, less than a fortnight after he was jailed for up to 175 years for a separate spate of offences in another county.

FORMER USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar was today sentenced to an extra 125 years in prison.

Mr. Nassar molested 265 girls and women over two decades in the guise of medical treatment.

She said victim shaming and parent shaming "must stop".

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"I felt like a weight lifted off of me", Boyce said of Nassar's latest sentence.

The 54-year-old listened to dozens of victims for two days last week, and was almost attacked by a father whose three daughters said they were abused by Nassar. A 2004 investigation by a local police force in Michigan cleared Nassar, as did a 2014 investigation by Michigan State police and the university's Title IX office.

Nassar attempted to show remorse, saying: "It's impossible to convey the depth and breadth of how sorry I am to each and every one involved".

The third and final case against Nassar focused on sexual abuse at an elite gymnastics facility in Eaton County, Michigan. The sexual assault survivors who were honored for their courage, said speaking up is empowering and helps in the healing process.

As Eaton County Circuit Judge Janice Cunningham delivered Nassar's sentence yesterday, several victims in the courtroom cried.

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The lead prosecutor on the case, Angela Povilaitis, spoke largely to the idea of not doubting-and not blaming-victims during her closing statements Monday. Raisman also made it clear to Nassar that while his abuse affected her deeply, it did not deter her from her love of gymnastics.

"Your conduct when considered and looked at from the viewpoint of the victims with their families can only conjure up thoughts of public punishment in retaliation", Cunningham told Nassar.

Aquilina, the judge, listened to the stories of so many individuals that were abused by Nassar.

While the criminal trial is over, the ramifications of Nassar's monstrous crimes will likely have serious implications in civil court.

While the criminal proceedings against Nassar have concluded, the fallout is just beginning at the institutions through which he accessed his victims.

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