Florida Lawmakers Declare Pornography a Public Health Crisis in the State


Because the proposed legislation failed to reach that critical stage, it is unlikely the issue will be taken up again this session.

Bottom line: The GOP controlled Florida House refused to even discuss a ban on assault rifles, but did pass a resolution declaring pornography to be a public health risk.

The House chose not to consider the bill that would lead to stricter gun control.

The full resolution cites addiction, greater risk of low self-esteem and eating disorders among the dangers while noting that porn objectifies women and fuels sex trafficking.

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"Has anyone had to bury their child because of pornography?" asked Rep. Carlos Guillermo Smith (D), who sponsored the legislation seeking to ban assault weapons and large-capacity ammunition magazines.

In the week since the Florida school shooting, several legislatures across the country have delayed or blocked gun control debate - with at least two preferring to talk about pornography, The Hill reports.

"That's really sad", he added. The bill is more relevant than ever following the Parkland shooting, and with the legislative session ending on March 9, there's only a short window left to discuss it.

"It was just so heartbreaking to see how many (voters') names were up there, especially after it was my school", said 16-year-old Sheryl Acquaroli, a junior at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. "It seemed nearly heartless how they immediately pushed the button to say no".

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"It seemed nearly heartless how they immediately pushed the button to say 'no, '" Sheryl Acquaroli, a 16-year-old student from Stoneman Douglas, told CNN's Anderson Cooper. "If there is another mass shooting (in Florida) it's going to be their fault".

While some questioned the timing of the bill, Spano said research shows a connection between porn use and mental and physical illnesses, forming relationships and other "deviant" sexual behavior. The bill's list of assault weapons includes AR-15 rifles. "Just on Porn Hub, humanity spent twice as much time viewing porn in a year as it has spent existing on planet Earth".

The state's House of Representatives approved the resolution by a voice vote Tuesday, despite some members asking why the topic is being taken up at this time.

The post Florida House Rejects Assault Weapons Ban, Then Declares Porn a Public Health Risk appeared first on Towleroad. "These are their priorities". The crowd waved signs such as "Keep our schools safe" and "I will not stand idly by". But the Florida House is not alone in recognizing pornography as a public health crisis.

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