Follow the blood money to gun manufacturers


We asked a question about the fundraiser's timing, and it received more than 560 comments and replies on our Facebook page. Rather than another push for gun control measures that ends up stalled out in Congress, Americans who are fed up should push for the creation of an American Gun Victims Compensation Fund, paid for by a windfall profits tax or a similar assessment on the manufacturers of the guns, high-powered ammo, and large capacity clips, that are routinely used in mass shootings. Society has changed and at this point you are either on the moral and ethical side of change or not. They pivot the conversation by saying that guns don't kill people, people do. What bothers me is now Neosho schools have been nationally recognized and not with favorable attention. As an experiment, I took the 10 states with the lowest firearm mortality rates (3.4-9.0 deaths per 100,000 people) and matched them up to the 2016 Presidential Election electoral college results. Would have been better had our school stayed off the radar of insane people with points to prove.

We continue to have school shootings and mass shootings that appear to be increasing in regularity and in numbers killed. What I'm for is strong background checks, extensive background checks, with a waiting period. "This shooting may prompt some people to buy guns, it's unlikely to create the same kind of sales spike we saw following shootings during the Obama administration".

The lack of legislative response in light of our many school shootings is utterly unacceptable. Why is it that we value guns over children's lives? We should be proactive in taking precautions but we should not be denied our freedoms.

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But for those who do want to keep guns in the home, Jon Dezendorf, the manager of Fowler Firearms in Fort Myers said guns should always be locked up in a safe. They do not need a permit and are not fingerprinted. The Bible says to love and treat others as you want to be treated. Empathy and understanding go a long way. The gun isn't the problem.

As several hundred high school students rallied at the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, asking lawmakers to press for gun controls, there were more calls in the halls of Congress for action on gun violence, with both parties waiting to see what the President might do on guns, as the White House did not immediately reject some of the ideas, like age limits for people buying high-powered weapons like an AR-15. Could it be that the most obvious answer really is *the* answer in this case? Not one of the more than 20,000 gun laws already on the books in America has done anything to stop killing.

"If they had this law in Florida, maybe the guns could have been taken away", said Greenhouse. There are changes to be made, but they only can be made by working together and not against each other. Raising money with a product donated by one of the children's parent's business is done all the time.

White House: Trump 'supportive' of better background checks for gun buyers
Trump also suggested ending gun-free school zones, opening more hospitals for the mentally ill and toughening background checks. Attendants teared up as they called on Trump and Congress to do something about the scourge of gun violence.

Anyone being thoughtful and honest must acknowledge that easy access to war-level guns is the problem. Good for you for being involved!

"To let our fellow countrymen fall beside us without fighting back is to me equal to leaving a soldier to die in the battlefield".

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