Fortnite Surpasses 3.4 Million Concurrent Players


By comparison, PUBG Corp's every-man-for-himself shooter previously attracted an equally impressive 3.2 million concurrent players on Steam.

Despite the problems over the weekend Fortnite has broken PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds record for the most number of concurrent players. In addition, #Epic Games, the game developer, has done a fantastic job updating the game [VIDEO]and adding new content to it on a weekly basis.

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The Fortnite site has a developer blog post that both reveals HUGE news in player count and details at length the impact those numbers had on servers last Sunday.

You could spend next week's internationally recognised day of romance sharing precious time with friends and loved ones, or. you could hook yourself up with some V-Bucks, nab one of Fortnite Battle Royale's new seasonal costumes, and have fun role-playing as Cupid by shooting people with a silent crossbow this Valentine's Day.

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There is, therefore, need for vigilance around the evolving scenario in the coming months", the statement said. The central bank made a decision to keep repo rate unchanged at 6% under liquidity adjustment facility.

Unfortunately, the stampede of folks rushing to play Fortnite and ultra-popular spin-off Fortnite Battle Royale crushed the servers, resulting in connection issues and outages. It goes deep into detail on the systems that power the game and what went wrong, along with a rundown of the steps Epic is taking to ensure server stability in the future. The online team has been working diligently over the past month to keep up with the demand created by the rapid week-over-week growth of our user base. Neither game invented the idea, but PUBG's creators recently flirted with the idea of suing Fortnite for being too similar.

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