Google Chrome will block extremely disruptive ads starting today


"Chrome will automatically block ads on sites that fail the Better Ads Standards", he wrote.

The Chrome browser will from Thursday begin blocking adverts that are deemed to be annoying or otherwise detrimental to users.

Starting on 15 February, Google will use a default ad blocker in its Chrome browser aimed at stopping adverts and pop-ups which make for a slow user experience.

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"The most intrusive ad experiences include prestitial ads (those full-page ads that block you from seeing the content on the page) and flashing animated ads", blogged Chris Bentzel, Chrome's engineering manager, citing a survey of 40,000 United States and European web users.

According to Google, the Better Ads Standards will evaluate how well websites comply with the standard, inform websites of any issues encountered and offer the opportunity for websites to address identified issues.

The move stems from the Coalition for Better Ads (CBA), whose members include major marketers, Google, Facebook and major news publishers.

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Google has launched an ad-blocker for its Chrome web browser that is created to prevent "annoying" and "intrusive" ads being shown to users.

If there is a match, Chrome will block the request, preventing the ad from displaying. It's not going to block Prestitials, Countdown or Autoplaying Ads, but it will block the other ads that you might see on random sites whenever you click on the download button. Also audio/video ads with sound that starts playing the moment the site loads is also being banned from now onwards.

Google said those sites that have ads of the type mentioned above would first be served a warning and a month's time to mend their ways. Large sticky ads? You know, the ones that stay on your screen even as you try to scroll past them.

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Google meanwhile has also claimed more that 42 percent sites with disruptive ads have already agreed to abide by the Better Ads guidelines, which is an indication their efforts are yielding fruit. It's important that we work to maintain a balance? and if left unchecked, disruptive ads have the potential to derail the entire system. "This is the outcome we are were hoping for - that sites would take steps to fix intrusive ads experiences themselves and benefit all web users".