Google raises the security bar for websites


Over the course of the previous year, the company began marking sites still using Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) as not secure to help its users better understand that the secure version of HTTP, HTTPS offers more protection by adding an extra layer of security through SSL when sending data. With the Google Chrome 56, the giant has secured the user's accounts with passwords and other information such as bank details and other important data stored on the websites.

Google stated that not much would change for a majority of the web.

However, starting with Chrome 68, Google will make the biggest move yet, as the "not secure" mark will expand to include all HTTP websites.

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The world's favourite web browser, Google Chrome will be receiving a new update in July this year and with the update comes a new feature to highlight potentially risky websites. Currently, in Chrome 64, HTTP websites are also marked, but some only show an "i" icon that expands into the non-secure warning only when clicked. Google has been monitoring HTTPS encryption adoption over the last few years and has noticed the protocol to be commonplace.

According to Google's analyses, over 78% of traffic comes through Chrome OS and Mac OS while 68% of traffic comes through Android and Windows platform on HTTPs websites. Additionally, 81 of the top 100 sites now use HTTPS.

Google, however, is pushing for an even wider presence of HTTPS. However, this label will not only display that HTTP pages are unsecured but basically it will also give a strong push to prefer HTTPS over HTTP.

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What Does HTTPS Encryption Do?

HTTPS helps protect web users by preventing man-in-the-middle attacks.

So this means, they believe it's time to be stricter with websites. However, among all available encryption options, it is relatively low-priced to implement. In fact, Google has its own tool for the goal named Lighthouse, which was also featured in the Google Security Blog post by Schechter.

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