Iran, Turkey Call for Promotion of Ties to Strategic Level


The Iranian president further stressed the need to boost regional cooperation among Iran, Turkey, and Russian Federation and welcomed an upcoming meeting in Istanbul between the three countries' presidents on the Syrian crisis.

Rouhani called for further promotion of economic relations and said immediate use of national currencies of Iran and Turkey in their economic exchanges could speed up the expansion process.

Describing Sochi trilateral meeting as a major step in line with solving regional problems, Rouhani said that fortunately, Iran-Turkey-Russia trilateral ties have greatly affected regional developments, but settlement of crises under current situation requires further consultations and cooperation.

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"We should make efforts and take measures in a way that no country feels threatened by its neighbours, " Rouhani said in the meeting with visiting Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu on Wednesday.

For his part, the Turkish president congratulated the Iranian government and nation on the 39th anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution.

Maintaining independence of countries and their geographical borders will help promote stability in the region, he said.

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He also hailed the summit of OIC member states in Istanbul, saying that the event produced good results and foiled the plots against the region.

Putin and Erdogan discussed what the Kremlin said was "the importance of continuing the joint work of Russia, Turkey, and Iran" on Syria.

"We believe that we should stand up to plots that aim to undermine the territorial integrity of regional countries, " Cavusoglu was quoted as saying.

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"They pointed out that the decisions taken in Sochi are created to boost a political settlement in Syria based on UN Security Council Resolution 2254 and help normalize the situation in the region", the statement said.