Israeli Agents in Syria Collected Remains of Missile Shot at F-16


In acknowledging Jerusalem's fear of chemical spillover into the Golan Heights, the cable directed the envoys to convey that "it must be made clear that such an incident would require Israel to respond in the strongest possible terms". "Those who have to leave Syria are the ones who have not been permitted by the Syrian government", Velayati said on the sidelines of a conference at the Islamic Azad University in Tehran, Iran, according to the semiofficialMehr News Agency. "But then again, Russian Federation was also supposed to guarantee that all chemical weapons would be removed from Syria". Officials at the time said Assad could transfer the weapons to the Hezbollah terrorist group.

Over the past years, Israel, which is viewed as a supporter of anti-Damascus militants, has frequently attacked targets in Syria, often claiming that it hit positions or convoys belonging to Iran.

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The Israeli air raids began early on Saturday when the country's military said it had intercepted an unmanned aircraft over the city of Beit Shean "on a military mission sent and operated by Iranian military forces". The IDF then retaliated by attacking and destroying the drone's control facility at the T4 military airport, deep in Syrian territory. In turn, Syrian anti-aircraft managed to shoot down an Israeli aircraft that crashed in Northern Israel.

"The US Ambassador to the United Nations, during a Security Council briefing on February 14, 2018, once again repeated her unfounded claims about what she described as Iran's destabilizing role in Syria".

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Qasemi said the allegations about Iran's role in the recent downing of an Israeli fighter by Syria were "baseless". Israel however destroyed almost half of President Bashar Assad's air defenses, according to military estimates.

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