Jennifer Lawrence reacts to critics on her 'revealing dress'


"She said "I have no idea what you're talking about, I don't go on the internet". She is a grown woman who can decide whether she needs a coat. The latest to be at the receiving end of this behaviour is famed actress Jennifer Lawrence. "Why don't you respect Ms Lawrence enough to dress her appropriately for the weather?" Speaking of real issues, Lawrence tells Entertainment Tonight that she'll take the next year away from acting as she works with non-profit Represent.Us to "prevent corruption, fix our democracy" and "get young people engaged politically on a local level". "If you want to come over to my hotel before Tuesday and just punch me in the face please".

"It must be about 3 degrees in London ATM, cold enough that the bloke actors have to wear coats and scarves to their press call and yet poor Jennifer Lawrence is wearing a small amount of fabric some might call a dress", a critic tweeted. "Not least because I've been outside today and it's bloody freezing".

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Many critics presumed that Lawrence had not chosen the outfit herself, implying that it represented persisting gender inequality in Hollywood. "Thank you, J. Law's stylists, for respecting this truth". I was outside for five minutes.

In a Facebook post, she wrote that she was "extremely offended" and that the outcry against her dress was "utterly ridiculous". I would have stood in the snow for that dress because I love fashion and that was my choice.

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While her style turned heads, many tabloid reports slammed the actress for being scantily-clad as compared to her co-stars Joel Edgerton and Jeremy Irons, who were dressed in warm attires.

"Yesterday, on the balcony, seemed like a lose-lose situation because if Jennifer wore jeans and a coat I'm sure somebody else would have criticised (sic) her", he said.

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Jennifer has since revealed that her apparent rudeness was a continuation of an inside joke the duo had been sharing backstage, but told United Kingdom breakfast show host Lorraine Kelly that she apologized unreservedly to Joanna over the incident anyway.