Kassim Afegbua Stands With Babangida Authorised Statement


Hours after the statement was released to the media, another statement from Babangida disowned the earlier statement.

Sources in Abuja and Minna have told The Oracle Today that IBB's open letter to Nigerians on President Muhammadu Buhari's re-election remained valid.

He further said: "I, the former President berate some people who find democratic freedom as an avenue for eroding democracy by antics of hate speeches under the guise of religion, tribal or self imposed mentorship, lamenting that pitching political class and the people is unhealthy and skewed".

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He said Babangida wants a new generational set of leaders come 2019.

He had asked that President Muhammadu Buhari finish his tenure and give way to the next generation of leaders.

He maintained that Babangida called him after seeing the second statement and affirmed that the first statement still stand.

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While saying this also, I do not intend to deny President Buhari his inalienable right to vote and be voted for, but there comes a time in the life of a nation, when personal ambition should not override national interest.

But Afegbua insisted on the one he issued as the authentic.

"The IGP has ordered for the arrest of Kassim Afegbua for issuing a fake statement. I have spoken with him and he said he has not recanted the statement", he said.

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"Let me categorically state that as former President and Statesman, I have unfettered channel of communication with the highest authorities without sensational public correspondence, therefore those views expressed over there are personal views of the writer", IBB was quoted in the statement. The kernel of that statement should inform public discourse and not necessarily people personalising it as if it were to be against the sitting president. "He was advised to submit himself to the Force Headquarters in 24 hours or face arrest", the source said.