Lauri Love case: Hacking suspect wins extradition attraction


In September 2016, a judge ruled at Westminster Magistrates Court that Love should be extradited to the US.

He further opined that extradition would cause severe depression, which would spur Love's determination to commit suicide, whether in the United States or in England; and just one notion to take him off suicide watch would allow for the act to be committed.

The Crown Prosecution Service told Commonspace it was not committing to a course of action at this time: "We have received the High Court's judgment on Lauri Love which we will now consider before making any further decisions".

After the ruling, Mr Love, speaking outside court, said: "This decision is important for the appropriate administration of criminal justice and also for the humanitarian accommodation of people whose brains work differently".

U.S. representative Peter Caldwell argued that due diligence in reference to Love's mental health had already been taken into consideration in the original case. With any luck, today's ruling will mean that prosecuting authorities finally start respecting the clear will of the British public: "we do not extradite our geeks to face medieval punishment in the United States".

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"We are hopeful that other people will be able to rely on this".

Flanked by his parents, girlfriend and supporters chanting his name, he added: "The reason I've gone through this ordeal is not just to save myself from being kidnapped and locked up for 99 years in a country I've never understood, but to set a precedent whereby this will not happen to other people in the future, and that if there is suspected criminality it will be tried here in the United Kingdom and America will not try to exercise its extra-territorial jurisdiction".

He could still face charges in the UK.

One of the attacks was launched from a computer server in or around Romania, which prosecutors said was leased by Love.

"I am greatly relieved that I am no longer facing the prospect of being locked up for potentially the rest of my life in a country I have never visited", Love said following Monday's ruling.

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29 November 2017: The Court of Appeal.

A spokesman for Mr Love's solicitors, Kaim Todner, said it was "important" the British justice system "has taken the stance that we should deal with the matter ourselves, rather than accept the U.S. government's demands".

Love has been fighting that extradition order ever since. It ruled that the Federal Bureau of Prisons' "protocols for supporting those with Asperger syndrome did not address the complexity of the problems", adding that the United States system presented "a real risk".

Naomi Colvin, Love's case director at the Courage Foundation, which is providing Love with legal support, said: "This is the result Lauri and his family have spent four years waiting for".

Peter Caldwell, representing the U.S., said the district judge's conclusion on extradition was "reasonably open to her on the findings of fact she made".

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