McDonald's is giving away a giant diamond ring - but there's a twist


But how long will the whopping offering be available and where can you buy it in the UK?

The burger giant is asking for fans to show their love - not for their partner, but for Big Macs - by penning the "most creative vows of Big Mac burger love".

In news that can only be described as mouth watering, McDonald's has announced the launch of a huge "Grand Big Mac", as well as the 'Mac Jr.'.

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The 32-year-old star has been helping the fast food chain celebrate their legendary Big Mac turning 50 years old, and has revealed his own salivating recipe that he's hoping they'll put on their menu.

For the hungrier among us a Grand Big Mac will also be available, again with all the same ingredients but in a larger size.

To sweeten the limited-time offer as Valentine's Day approaches, McDonald's is giving away a bejeweled 18-karat stackable ring with seven tiers of diamonds and other gems, including orange sapphires to resemble the Big Mac's special sauce.

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You can pick it up the Mac Jr for £2.19 and it has 400kcal - about a 100 less than a regular Big Mac, for customers who don't want to ruin their January diet.

However, you only have until March 20th to get your hands on one.

The Mac Jr and Grand Mac were already tested in 2016 in OH and Dallas, because they are "beef-centric areas".

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Asked who would win in eating the most Big Mac's at once between him and his pal Ed Sheeran, the "When the Bassline Drops" hitmaker said it would be a "close call".