ME woman finds 5 inch lizard in her salad


Upon finding the animal on her fork, Carr said, she vomited.

The carcass in the food was missing a tail, and Carr isn't sure if she has actually ingested the animal's tail.

The lizard was later identified by Carr's biologist friend as a blue-belly lizard, native to California and other western states. I immediately started to wretch, ' she told WMUR. Although the bag of lettuce was see-through, she thinks the dead lizard may have been tucked in between the folds of the produce, making it unnoticeable.

In the meantime, Carr said she reached out to the media about the lizard, which she described as roughly 5 inches long and scaly, not to shame the company or the supplier - but to instead caution shoppers to check their own groceries, and be aware that this could happen to them. "This was a huge lizard with scales", said Carr, a registered hematology oncology bone marrow transplant nurse.

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The lizard was originally inside a bag of store-brand romaine that Carr purchased at Shaw's supermarket in Portsmouth, New Hampshire according to The lettuce is distributed by a company out of California.

It was the first time that Carr had a store-bought lettuce.

She is primarily scared as she is a breast-feeding mother.

Carr, whose newborn son is breastfeeding, is concerned about salmonella and E. coli exposure for her, and her baby.

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"That was very, very scary for me", she said.

And now because of this atrocity, a spokesman for the Health Department says an investigation would be conducted by the Food and Drug Administration. A supermarket spokeswoman said she notified the supplier.

DHHS told News 9 that the case falls outside its jurisdiction because the lettuce was packaged outside the state, but confirmed that the FDA is investigating the incident.

Carr hopes others will learn from this incident, and not only watch what you buy, but to be diligent with your food one you get home.

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In conclusion, if you're going to make the tough decision to eat salad for some reason, just play with your salad for a bit with your fork before going at it.