Microsoft might not fix Skype vulnerability in the immediate future


The bug is applicable on both macOS and Windows desktop platforms.

Microsoft has confirmed a nasty flaw in Skype that could allow nefarious individuals to gain complete access the OS with system-level privileges on affected machines.

He described Microsoft as taking a lackadaisical approach to the issue. Vulnerability in the application's update feature means a malicious actor can gain access to the computer's system account and grant themselves privileges to do whatever they like.

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Stefan Kanthak, who discovered the flaw, gave full disclosure after receiving this response from his contact at Skype: "They've reviewed the code and were able to reproduce the issue, but have determined that the fix will be implemented in a newer version of the product rather than a security update". Once trespassed, hackers could potentially copy or delete critical files, install rogue apps, access confidential information, and do pretty much anything possible to the infected system.

However, this is not the first time such issue has been brought to light.

Security researchers had warned Microsoft about the flaw back in September 2017. But they were not looking to fix the issue right away.

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The reason quoted is, "the installer would need a large code revision to prevent DLL injection".

"The team is planning on shipping a newer version of the client, and this current version will slowly be deprecated". German security researcher Stefan Kanthak has discovered the vulnerability and it seems that the issue can not be patched easily and will require a " large code revision", this means that you will need to wait for the next update in order for the issue to be fixed.

This Skype security flaw only affects Windows systems and has been rated as "medium" in severity.

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Well, as for our opinion we think with this revelation it is better to uninstall Skype for now until we get the newer version which is safe for the users.