Monster Hunter World on Switch too "difficult", says Capcom


Specifically, the Capcom president said that, "It is hard to put out "Monster Hunter World" for the Switch".

In an interview with the president of Capcom, Haruhiro Tsujimoto, he had to say once more time that the game probably won't be coming to the Nintendo Switch.

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With tough bosses like Xeno'jiva and many more populating the landscape of Monster Hunter World, it's no wonder why Capcom's action role-playing game is garnering tons of fans who are flocking to the title in order to experience its challenging gameplay. It's worth noting that Switch owners do have the option of playing Monster Hunter XX, but the future of the series on Nintendo's console is worth pondering over. However, Capcom spoke again about the issue and there is no good news for the Nintendo console users because bringing the title to it would be hard.

"The Switch is different from other stationary machines both in functions and users", he continued.

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Since Monster Hunter World's release just several weeks ago, many diehard fans of the action-RPG have been consistently upping the ante when it comes to almost unthinkable feats of triumph against the game's unforgiving Elder Dragons. We're only just in the first month of 2018 and already I can claim that Monster Hunter World might very well be my own personal Game of the Year. It has now also become the fastest-selling game ever by Capcom after pushing past six million units a few days ago, cementing the series's popularity worldwide. Let's hope something similar is in-the-works for Switch. He's an avid Pokémon TCG collector, and is now enjoying Breath of the Wild on Switch, along with PUBG on Xbox. Give him a shout if you're a fan of Arsenal FC. Perhaps it is possible to port a barebones version of the game for the Switch but it wouldn't look as pretty or run as smoothly.

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