New study finds a link between acne and depression


The researchers found that the probability of developing MDD was 18.5 and 12 percent among patients with acne and in the general population without acne over the 15-year follow-up period.

If you've ever felt like your acne significantly impacts your mood, this one's for you: According to a new study in the British Journal of Dermatology, there's a scientific link between acne and depression. The researchers analysed data from The Health Improvement Network (THIN).

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"Given the tremendous burden of MDD and its temporal association with active acne, it is critical that physicians monitor mood symptoms in patients with acne and initiate prompt MDD management or seek consultation from a psychiatrist when needed", the authors write. They were also less likely to use alcohol or be obese.

While acne can affect anybody from all ages, it is most common among teenagers, usually appearing on their face, forehead, chest, upper back, and shoulders.

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"This study highlights an important link between skin disease and mental illness", Dr Vallerand says. "For these patients with acne, it is more than a skin blemish-it can impose significant mental health concerns and should be taken seriously". A 2016 twin study shows that people who had acne in their teen years tend to preserve their youthful look longer than their clear-skinned peers. It's possible that the two compound one another in a loop, you feel bad about your acne, feel down about it, your acne gets worse...and so on. "Being social and being able to share anxiety with friends helps".

While acne is a beauty problem, a new research has revealed that people with the skin condition are also at a higher risk for depression, especially during the first year after it appears. Psoriasis, another skin problem, has always been associated with mental health issues.

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