Payday 2 on Switch is "one update behind other consoles"


Ignoring the fact that it's impressive Payday 2 will be ported to the switch, it is disappointing that it will be the least updated version of the game, trailing behind consoles that trail behind the PC. The firm says that software sales hit $517 million for the month, though Nintendo notably doesn't share its digital sales with the NPD and numerous other game platforms like Origin, Uplay, and typically don't report PC digital sales as well.

The confirmation comes after a Reddit member got the game early and streamed their experience. And, a single update on console equals several months of updates on PC, according to Christian Post.

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Starbreeze Studios has been building some huge buzz with its Nintendo Switch port of Payday 2, promising to bring all the thrilling bank-robbing action of the original game to the system.

The footage sparked an investigation by players that tried to determine exactly which update the Switch version is running. You will get the content to make the game complete, as Starbreeze has noted that Payday 2 will get "future content updates" that will eventually catch everything up by the end of the year, if not sooner.

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It's unclear if the recent statements will do anything to quell gamer's anger. The PS4 and Xbox One versions are now nearly up to par with PC content, and Switch is close behind those versions.

In the combined-revenue software chart, National Basketball Association 2K18 was the top ranking game with a Switch release, checking in at #6. The news is meeting a crowd of Reddit skeptics that don't seem to believe the game will be updated after it's launch on Switch. The title offers a total of 50 heists, 17 playable characters, 190 weapons and 280 masks.

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