Pensacola Flower Shop Launches Valentine's Day Flowers


As Valentine's Day approaches, certain businesses in Pictou County see their patronage jump in anticipation of the yearly celebration of love. And that means a frantic work schedule for local flower shops. "We send flowers for a lot of depressing things most times throughout the year, so this is one of the more happier times that we send flowers for".

Florists at The Fresh Flower market in Aurora put the petals to the metal as Valentine's Day approaches. Those aged 36-45 made up 21 per cent of florist spending, 46-55 year olds made up 13 per cent, 56-65 year olds make up 7 per cent and for those over 66 account for only 3 per cent for florist spending. When you google "florist near me" just keep in mind to scroll down past the ads and check the U-R-L to make sure you're on the small business website. The cooler they are kept, the longer they will last.

"There's definitely a surge in demand for jewelry", said Lochead, describing how business goes.

Roses could arguably be the flawless gift for that special someone.

She added: 'As is the case with all florists, we have to adjust our prices during the Valentine's period, however we have been careful not to inflate the price which is representative of grade A+ roses'. "If they do talk to an order taker, they are not professional designers nor do they know what we have in our shop", she said.

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Downtown in the 1200 block of Eighth Street at Mark Knox Flowers, General Manager Tom Williams described the flower factory the shop would become, a couple weeks after setting up the showroom of stuffed animals, sweets and gift baskets.

Boulton said his business begins thinking about Valentine's Day before the end of the year.

In fact, it appears we're gravitating towards cheaper eats over fancy food, with the average Valentine's Day dinner bill falling to $32 in 2017 from $44 in 2016.

About $5.50 is also spent on Valentine's gifts for pets.

"We probably do anywhere between 300 to 350 deliveries, plus walk-ins that take place all day", she said.

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Mr Heathorn said the heat at this this time of year made it hard to grow flowers and keep roses.

"A favorite here in St. Cloud, we have a bouquet that's called lilies and roses and it's got the large stargazer lilies in combination with roses, so it makes up a attractive, fragrant bouquet".

Marcia Baker recruits extra help to trim thorns, take orders, and sort through dozens and dozens and dozens of roses.

“Delivery must move at the speed of ‘love at first sight, ” said Frank Diaz, global marketing manager, UPS Americas Region.

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