Philadelphia Eagles receive congratulations from Brady on Instagram


One look at the sea of green filling the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, and anyone could tell this is Eagles country, and on this day, the fans couldn't imagine being anywhere else. He also expressed that the Super Bowl loss was a "learning experience".

Brady, who won the NFL's Most Valuable Player award for a third time, intends to continue in 2018, having reached his 40th birthday in August of past year.

Butler later denied the rumors on twitter and thanked his team for their support. We saw quite a few piles of trash bags on street corners, but neighbors we spoke with said they're not surprised.

With Brady at quarterback, the Patriots have won the AFC East title a record 15 times.

Kelce celebrates the Super Bowl triumph.

Move over Eli Manning, Nick Foles is the new Patriots slayer.

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Doug Pederson walked the parade route with the Lombardi Trophy in hand and offering hordes of fans lining the streets of Philadelphia a championship moment of their own.

In what can only be described as a gutsy performance from Foles and the entire team, the Eagles did the seemingly impossible. First was Foles touchdown catch.

ASSOCIATED PRESS Eagles tight end Brent Celek reacts during his speech in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Another key component was that Belichick benched Malcolm Butler, one of the best players in the Patriots' secondary.

While there's no evidence that the Patriots made an attempt to spy on the Eagles ahead of their matchup, the SpyGate controversy of 2007 has caused many to distrust the Patriots.

But Brady did "stop in his tracks" to congratulate Eagles rookie defensive end Derek Barnett after the game.

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"F*** Em" read the tattoo's caption below a caricature of Kelce in his weird sequined Mummers outfit that he wore on Thursday when he gave that exact quote in reference to those who doubted the team. On both offense and defense, they usually play less aggressive in the hopes of wasting their competitions' energy.

After Nick Foles' touchdown, the Patriots defense seemed more tired than usual.

It's reported that the Philadelphia Eagles had a backup plan to throw off the New England Patriots from spying by conducting a fake run through. Throughout their reign in the National Football League, the Patriots have been known for their second half performances.

Brady, who is 5-3 in Super Bowls, faced backlash for his immediate reaction after the Patriots lost. Some residences along the route had homemade signs hanging from windows, with different sayings in support of the Eagles or talking down to Tom Brady.

And now, the "not good enough" quarterback is a Super Bowl MVP and will forever be one of the most loved people in Philadelphia history.

Gratitude to the Philadelphia Eagles team and organization for bringing out the best in us and being gracious winners (as well as congratulations on winning the championship).

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