Ron Howard Admits Initial Reluctance To Direct 'Solo


You can check out the rest of the interview with Ron Howard talking about Solo: A Star Wars Story over at Entertainment Weekly.

"George is like a big brother mentor in my life", said Howard, who starred in Lucas" American Graffiti, and also directed Willow for Lucasfilm. Oh, if we could only know what these tips were.

"I don't really want to explain it".

We know that production for Solo: A Star Wars Story was extended for a few extra months and that Michael K. Williams' had to be replaced by Paul Bettany because he could not make it back for his reshoots, which leads many to believe that Ron Howard reshot quite a bit of the movie. Howard was basically brought in to save a movie that appeared to have gone off the rails.

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This had pundits questioning how much of the film Howard has redone - following talk Lord and Miller were axed because they strayed too far from Lucasfilm's vision of the instalment. "But when I learned that this change was happening, it just came in a moment where I was working on lots of new projects for Imagine [the film and TV production company], and I had not planned to direct anything past year", he explains.

He continued, "It's disappointing that any company ever feels like they have to make a change like that".

"Tell them I told you everything you needed to know, and that you can't tell anyone", Fold reportedly said.

For a guy who's somewhat coy about the importance of his role in Star Wars, and once told actors looking to play a younger version of Solo to it seems like Ford cares a whole lot more than he gives off.

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In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, it emerged Howard only took two days to sign on to the project in June past year, and four to arrive on set - but he was still nervous to take on such a big task so late in the piece.

"He had meant to just kind of stop by and say hi, and he stayed five hours", Kathleen Kennedy, the head of Lucasfilm, told EW. Just getting it done.

It actually is a amusing little bit that will probably get a laugh. "I was reluctant, but I also began to feel that I could help".

Game of Thrones fans hoping that show runners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss might spend more time in Westeros will have to visit a galaxy far, far away instead after Disney signed the pair for a series of Star Wars flicks.

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"Yeah, I just don't want to do that". And Ron happened to be by the monitor and not inside the Falcon and he goes, 'Oh that's a great idea, ' and ran in and said, 'George wants us to do this.' So that was pretty cool.