Things About Valentines Day You Should Know


The federation data shows that three in 10 adult consumers who reported they aren't celebrating Valentine's Day still plan to spend money to treat themselves for the holiday by either buying themselves a gift or going out with family and friends, particularly those in 18-24 year old range.

If you didn't know, Valentine's day is also Singles Awareness Day. However, there is a reason, Valentines day came to be and many people probably don't know.

Busy parents typically don't have time for Valentine's Day celebrations especially since it's on a school night. Leslie Knope, a character played by Amy Poehler on Parks and Recreation, created Galentine's Day, a February 13 holiday on which "ladies celebrate ladies". If you're one them, then this 7 facts by INFORMATION NIGERIA is for you.

Some couples register for marriage on the Valentine's Day.

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There is only one thing that can unify the excited couples steeped in pink heart decorations and the nauseated eye-rollers on Valentine's Day: chocolate. Putting so much pressure on one person doesn't help the relationship stay in a good place.

Valentine's Day is here and the obligatory exchange of roses, chocolates, dinner and date rituals will begin come mid-February. If you happen to love animals, but she is indifferent this is not the gift for her. "It's more thoughtful, it's more intentional and it's not something you can discard", says Randi Kay Olsen Heinold, a bodyworker, registered yoga teacher and self-care mentor. So don't expect a valentine's day card from me.

Go see a amusing or a romantic movie and make a night of it.

In the spirit of community, Valentine's Day creates bonds between single people.

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WHEN Valentine's Day comes around on February 14, it's not hard for most to fall headlong into the seemingly romantic sentiment that accompanies the annual celebration of what many consider to be love... or something to that effect. I'll sit on the sidelines with discounted chocolate while all of my friends fall in love and wonder about my own relationships.

Richard Cadbury produced the first box of chocolates for this holiday in the late 1800s.

Today lovers around the world wait a whole year for this day.

Being single on Valentine's Day doesn't mean you can't enjoy it. Think of it as just another day, a day where you can spend time with those who mean something important to you, whether that be your parents, your friends or your loved one.

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