This Cartoonish Sketch Actually Led Police To The Robbery Suspect


Police in Lancaster, PA say that a poorly-drawn sketch - see above - went a long way in terms of helping their investigation into a theft at a farmers' market.

It all started when a man pretending to be an employee took cash from an unattended stand inside Lancaster's Central Market at about 1:20 p.m. on January 30, Lancaster City police said.

The Lancaster Police Department have now charged homeless 44-year-old Hung Phuoc Nguyen with two counts of theft and are looking to find him to take him into custody. But police defended their decision to release the drawing.

Lancaster Police made the sketch, along with the description of the suspect and his actions, public on Tuesday in hopes the community might recognize the perpetrator. The male is believed to be South American or Asian.

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While the sketch provided appeared amateurish, police say, it helped jog the memory of at least one investigator, who was able to provide Nguyen's name as a suspect.

"We released all of those details together in our Police log in the hope that someone recognizes the suspect", Lancaster Police wrote in a Facebook post on February 6.

A police drawing has been mocked on social media for its cartoonish image of a thief accused of stealing money. And posted below a picture of the sketch photoshopped on top of his roommate's face.

Another said "That guy looks just like my roommate", before photoshopping the sketch with his roomate's picture.

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Lancaster City police shared Nguyen's photo on their Facebook page, where one person commented: "As much as I laughed at the sketch, it wasn't entirely that far off".

"The album was titled 'we sing, we dance, we STEAL things'".

Another social media user quipped: "That guy does look pretty sketchy".

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