This Electronic Skin is Capable of Healing Itself


Xiao expressed, "What is special here is that the compound holding of polyimide we utilize permits the e-skin to be both self-mending and completely recyclable at room temperature".

Indeed, an electronic skin, perceived as e-skin, is a thin, translucent material that can mimic the function and mechanical characteristics of human skin. Here, future robots would be capable of feeling with the E-skin like humans do with the organic skin.

Researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder have developed a new type of electronic skin that is malleable and recyclable, and which can self-heal after sustaining damage. Because of the reversible bond formation of the material, the electronic skin can also be fully recycled by soaking in a solution. "The thought is to attempt and copy natural skin with e-skin that has wanted capacities". Researchers gave more details regarding the new material in a study which they published on Friday in the journal Science Advances.

The e-skin's ability to sense pressure is a crucial factor for improving prosthetic limbs. "The idea is to try and mimic biological skin with e-skin that has desired functions".

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"Imagine a robot that can gently hold a baby, touch him/her like the parents do, and feel the temperature increase if the baby gets a fever", he adds.

The authors of the study explained that this breakthrough discovery also makes a great contribution to the robotics and human interaction with robots, as now there will be less chance of robots hurting people in the future.

That's right, folks: In the future, when they take care of our children and the elderly, robots may be wrapped in an electronic skin that imitates our own, ensuring that they don't accidentally kill your loved one with too much or too little force.

The new e-skin is also can be easily conformed to curved surfaces like human arms and robotic hands.

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Unlike other forms of e-skin, and unlike the Terminator, this isn't created to be worn by people, but it does have a number of potential uses in robotics and prosthetics.

As mentioned earlier, the e-skin and embedded sensors can be healed in the event of a cut, with the help of terephthalaldehyde, diethylenetriamine, tris (2-aminoethyl) amine and silver nanoparticles mixed in ethanol and the application of heat pressure.

"The recycled solution and nanoparticles can then be used to make new, functional e-skin", said Xiao.

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