Trump pushes for ban on modified guns


In the wake of the deadly Florida high school shooting last week, President Donald Trump has urged a ban on gun devices like so-called bump stocks.

Vice President Mike Pence, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and Parkland Mayor Christine Hunschofsky joined Trump at the event, as well as dozens of parents and survivors of the Florida shooting and the 2012 Newtown, Connecticut, school shooting.

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) was not impressed with Trump's move, either, according to the Times.

He spoke with Republican Senator John Cornyn about a bipartisan bill that seeks to improve the checks in place before someone can buy a gun. The legislation calls for a system of incentives and penalties to encourage government entities throughout the United States to report information about people with mental health issues or criminal backgrounds.

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The hats might later be signed and auctioned to raise money for the Broward Education Foundation, the official victims fund. Former student Nikolas Cruz, 19, was the alleged gunman.

Past efforts to address gun violence in Congress have failed. The error spurred Senate hearings as well as internal investigations by the Defense and Justice Departments.

Hundreds of protestors rallied outside the White House on Monday, demanding that lawmakers act to end gun violence.

He referred to the memorandum while detailing meetings he'll hold this week and next to discuss ways to keep students safe after a mass shooting at a Florida high school.

A branch of the Women's March dedicated to young activists is calling on students, teachers, school administrators, parents and allies to take part in a national school walkout on March 14.

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Trump, who received an endorsement from the National Rifle Association in 2016, insisted there would be a change; however, it's unclear what kind of changes he'll pursue.

When ATF began the process of considering a bump stock regulation in December, the proposal drew more than 35,000 comments from the public, far more than usual, which signals that likely either pro- or anti-gun control groups - or both - mobilized their membership and email lists to weigh in. Friday, Trump is scheduled to speak to the Conservative Political Action Conference, a group for which gun rights are a top issue.

Led by the example of passionate Stoneman Douglas students, gun-control advocates across the USA are planning massive demonstrations in the coming weeks and months to shine a spotlight on the issue. Many ideas that I have, many ideas that other people have. Cruz reportedly bought his rifle a year before the shooting despite a number of flags. Cruz also was expelled from school previous year.

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