United, Delta Airlines join companies cutting ties with NRA


Delta and United Airlines are cutting ties with the National Rifle Association, the latest major companies to do so following the deadly shooting at a Florida high school earlier this month.

"It doesn't surprise me".

"For any of these named companies that are trying to recruit young people, if they feel part of their growing consumer base is being hurt, especially for college-aged people and below, then it's really unsafe for them to have this overt connection", Hunter-McDonnell said. "Get back hundreds of dollars more than you pay in dues" and offers "benefits" running the gamut from home and auto insurance to prescription drug discounts to the "Official Wine Club of the NRA".

From the mouths of babes comes power, especially when the words are a demand that major United States corporations stop doing business with the NRA. The company has not said more about its decision.

Many took to Twitter to express their frustrations, particularly with corporations and individuals supporting the National Rifle Association, or the NRA. "I was an NRA shooting instructor for the police department", King explained.

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And, of course, that provider, NetSpend, has also made it known it is now "reviewing its relationship" with the NRA.

Following public outcry, the company that produces Norton antivirus software has chose to stop offering "a variety of discounts" to NRA members. By the same token, in coming out publicly against the NRA as part of the #BoycottNRA movement, those same companies are banking on the idea that they'll ingratiate themselves to a majority of people. People then started posting comments on the social media platforms of numerous companies urging them to take action. Students from Parkland and cities and towns across the USA jumped aboard the #NeverAgain movement to demand government enact strict and sweeping gun control measures.

Chubb Limited, a giant in the personal accident and life insurance game has for a long-time offered the NRA Carry Guard plan, which provides insurance coverage to NRA members caught up in shooting self-defense lawsuits.

First National Bank of Omaha announced it would not be renewing a co-branded Visa credit card with the NRA.

The moves come amid widespread calls to boycott companies and groups that have ties to the powerful pro-gun group.

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The invoking of children, or the idea of children, has been a rhetorical device in political speeches and campaigns for much of recent American history. Social media users said they would go with the NRA-free companies, and both Hertz and Avis chose to end their own relationships with the gun lobby in the face of this mounting boycott.

The group that controls Enterprise, National, and Alamo rental-car offices said in a statement it has "ended the discount for NRA members".

FedEx, for example, gives NRA Business Alliance members up to a 26 percent discount on shipping expenses. It also noted Enterprise "offers members an unspecified discount".

Gun control activists also stepping up pressure on Amazon.com and other online streaming platforms to drop the online video channel NRATV.

"The NRA is so engrained in the American culture now due to their very successful messaging of, "Don't take away my gun" or 'You're infringing on my Second Amendment rights, '" Milano said.

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