White House to Roll Out Trump Infrastructure Plan


The White House says its plan will create $1.5 trillion for repairing and upgrading America's infrastructure.

The $200 billion in direct federal spending breaks down into five parts.

The White House has proposed placing the FAA air-traffic division and its 15,000 controllers under the umbrella of a government-chartered nonprofit corporation.

The original funding agreement with the White House called for the federal government to pay 50 percent of the $30 billion cost of replacing the Portal Bridge and building a new rail tunnel under the Hudson River.

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"Taxes are one of the ways that state and local governments could raise revenues, but are certainly not the only ways", another senior administration official told CBS News.

A White House official said Saturday Trump is open to discussing a federal funding plan to help pay for the $30 billion in Gateway transit projects, which include a $13 billion Hudson River tunnel between NY and New Jersey, but he won't OK paying for half the costs.

How would the money be split up? Another $20 billion will go to "transformative programs", or infrastructure projects rooted in promoting new or innovative ideas.

The project is the region's top transportation priority.

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Half of the $200 billion in new federal money would go towards an incentive matching fund to encourage investments by state and local governments.

What else might the plan do?


A second major piece of the plan involves reforms to the federal permitting process, aimed at cutting the amount of time it takes for infrastructure projects to gain approval.

In addition, Trump said that Congress should move to streamline the process for those wishing to build new projects. An Obama-era grant program that focused on fixing environmental problems and reducing energy dependence will also be cut.

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In its background briefing, the White House said the permitting overhaul would require both actions by Congress and regulatory changes that could be accomplished under executive authority. Through a platform called, "one agency, one decision", they would create a lead federal organization to coordinate and work with other permitting agencies and come to a final decision on all projects within two years. Other experts, including the Congressional Research Service, have since cast doubt on the report's claim that trillions of dollars are wasted during the permitting process, pointing out that state regulations, rather than federal ones, are often the cause of delays.

How would the plan be paid for?

The plan represents Trump's opening salvo in what is already shaping up to be a long and complex debate in Congress over how best to shore up the nation's infrastructure.

The White House argues that funding is only one component of the president's infrastructure plan.

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Details on other cuts were sparse, "we are going to eliminate a few things here and there", said the senior official.