World's largest brain tumour removed in Mumbai hospital


News of the procedure was made public recently after the hospital ensured the surgery was successful as the patient, Santlal Pal, had recovered, doctors at the facility told dpa Thursday.

"The tumour weighed around 1.873 kgs which is the largest weight of a brain tumour to be excised successfully in the world".

In a rare and complicated surgery, doctors at a Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) hospital have successfully extricated a brain tumour from a 31-year-old blind man from Uttar Pradesh.

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Mr Pal, a shopkeeper from the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, had watched the tumour grow for three years. Examination revealed a tumour measuring 30 x 30 x 20 cm, shocking the living daylights out of the medical staff at the hospital, who had never seen such a large one before.

"He had lost his vision due to the huge tumor but his eyesight will improve gradually now", he said. The mass was clinging to the back of Pal's head; his skull and hair grew over the top of it. But that 10 percent put pressure on Pal's brain, damaging his vision; it could have led to further problems, including paralysis and neurological damage, the doctors told The Hindu.

For the past several years, Santlal Pal had been watching the tumour emerge from his skull. The doctors said that they hope Pal will regain his vision.

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Besides, the blood vessels were very long, winded and enlarged, posing a bigger challenge to the medical team, and owing to the massive pressure on the brain he had become completely blind. He said, "We had to cut open the scalp and remove the tumour. The part of the tumor within the skull was removed by making an opening in the skull", Nadkarni said. He is hopeful that he will eventually regain his sight.

After conducting various tests, the doctors came to know that the tumour invaded into the brain on both sides of the midline through the skull bone.

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