'A Wrinkle in Time' Gives a Child of the Universe Powerful Friends


"A Wrinkle in Time" centers on Meg Murry (Storm Reid), a teenage girl who's father has been mysteriously missing for four years.

While Pine, who's not in much of the movie, is all bearded emotion as the troubled Mr. Murry, newcomer Reid lends a surprising amount of gravitas to Meg as she grows from distrusting shy girl to determined protagonist. At the very least, DuVernay delivers a story that will speak to all kinds of young people.

This transcript has been edited for length and clarity. I was the first person to introduce her to crème brûlée, and I took her to the Huntington Gardens in Pasadena. I want the audience to know that they can be themselves and that they are flawless just the way they are, and they shouldn't let anybody tell them any different. "I read the book in sixth grade for a book report and I never saw myself being Meg, especially because she was written as a young Caucasian girl, so I just really never thought about it", she said during an interview at a posh hotel in her native Atlanta last week.

So Meg, her brother, and a hastily involved classmate, Calvin (Levi Miller), are whisked off to a fantastic realm that, alas, resembles any number of other fantastic cinematic realms we've seen before. It's why when Obama got elected I so deeply knew that little Black kids, boys especially, would now truly be able to see themselves as President some day.

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Schooling: Home-schooled. "My schedule won't allow me to go to regular school, but I did love public school, and I did experience my first year of middle school in a regular school".

Her best scenes are with Pine, and their characters share the strongest connection - theirs is a love so strong, it calls to Meg across worlds. Ostensibly, this movie is about Meg's search for her father, but really it is about her search for herself. Which? The fault of Winfrey's stilted and zombie-like delivery falls exclusively on DuVernay, who fails to make this unflappable Jesus figure relatable (or likeable or impressive or anything). She states that there IS such thing as a "tesseract". "You can't say no to things like that". Which. Their introduction, beginning with Witherspoon's social graces-defying character, is where "A Wrinkle in Time" starts to show its distractingly weird side.

The more I think about it, the more I think the ideal Wrinkle viewer is aged about 10 or 11. I don't feel like diversity should just be a thing right now.

Although there was a decrease in the number of female protagonists in films from 2016 to 2017, according to a study by San Diego's Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film, there were still a number of notable movies that challenged gender stereotypes in a powerful way a year ago.

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What I remember most about "A Wrinkle in Time" is my second-grade teacher crying over the final pages during read-aloud time, along with almost everyone else. So DuVernay captures L'Engle's cosmic female vision, splendidly diversifies the cast ... and then sends everyone to planets that all look like green-screen calamities, as colorful and infuriating as Apple's rainbow wheel of death. It's hard to imagine the unimaginable, but once I practiced and got through that it was so much fun.

If you do, it's a profoundly satisfying, imaginative and lovely film. What do you hope that it does for this moment? "And [Calvin] says, 'Yeah, I trust you.' And he follows her", the director explained. It is within Camazotz's uncanny, treacherous settings-including an eerily overcrowded beach, a dark forest and an alarmingly uniform suburban neighborhood-that we mostly see DuVernay's capable handing of action and tension. In the wake of Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss developing their own series of Star Wars films, many bemoaned the fact the movies are predominantly spearheaded by white men. She pops up normal size next to Meg, whos shocked to be eye-to-eye. Not to just be an actor, director or producer, but also to represent and include people within your cast and your crew.

The translation from book to screen is bound to hit a speed bump here and there, but what makes DuVernay's effort frustrating is its tendency to have the three "Mrs." characters talk the audience through the film, telling us about the world's mythos with grandiose exposition rather than letting us discover it for ourselves. I learned that I can do anything that I wanted to do, and, of course, I already knew that, but being given this opportunity - a lot of young people are telling me that I am the light for them which is a really fantastic responsibility.

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