Achilles Heel for UCLA that could make for a quick NCAA Tournament


The Sooners are ranked No. 48, and five teams ahead of them have already secured automatic bids by winning their conference tournament. The 6 seeded Gators are in the East region and will face the victor of the St. Bonaventure and UCLA play-in game. An NCAA Tournament bid could mean playing in the First-Four.

So what can put the Irish over the edge?

Louisville (Out)- Louisville is in the same boat as Notre Dame as they fell to Virginia in the ACC Tournament.

What happens with a loss?

All of that work comes to a head Sunday evening when the brackets are revealed. After the brutal 18-game run, matchups outside the league should be welcomed. The show will be aired on TBS for the first time since CBS and Turner Sports began partnering on NCAA Tournament coverage in 2011.

Kentucky gets the No. 5 seed in NCAA National Tournament
Davidson leads the charge of potential bracket busters, with Texas looking like a team that could really make some noise. Photo Credit: Dave Knachel/Virginia Tech AthleticsStay up with The Tech Lunch Pail for the latest on Virginia Tech.

The short answer is the NCAA wanted more value put on wins on the road and in neutral-site games.

Another thing to keep in mind?

Playing the SEC Tournament in Saint Louis when your campus is located in Columbia? In the Bruins' last game against Arizona, which went to overtime, four players - Aaron Holiday, Thomas Welsh, Kris Wilkes and Gyorgy Goloman - played over 38 minutes.

The Tigers' prognosis is on an incline right and it's only going to stay that way if Porter makes the type of impact many expect he will over the next few days in Saint Louis. It's only big win this season: at Gonzaga in January.

These three tournament teams have been struggling as of late, and seem to be hobbling into the NCAA tournament. The Cavaliers have a program-record win total and are a unanimous No. 1 in the AP Top 25; before this year, the last time they were No. 1 was December 1982 (the poll had just 20 teams then) during Ralph Sampson's senior season. Two years ago, it won the tournament as a No. 2 seed, then lost two starters; returned as the No. 1 overall seed, then lost a national player-of-the-year finalist, Josh Hart; and is now back as the second overall seed. Oklahoma State (19-14) had a bad NC SOS, but the Cowboys beat Florida State in Florida, and they swept two regular-season games vs. Kansas, a No. 1 seed and won at West Virginia. The victor of that contest will receive an automatic bid along with all the other tournament winners.

No. 5 Duke braces for risky Notre Dame
Perhaps most telling was Brey's willingness to discuss with reporters, right in front of his team in their locker room, the NIT. Senior Point Guard Matt Farrell who can consistently get into the lane and make plays for himself and teammates.

According to statistical analysis by the Washington Post's Neil Greenberg, the best indicator of which teams are likely to pull NCAA tournament stunners can be gleaned by locating the underdogs with "a high scoring margin while creating extra possessions through turnovers and offensive rebounds".

The Sooners are a lock.

Wildcats coach John Calipari is one of the best - and most controversial - college coaches in history.

More certain is that once this party is over, change of some sort will be coming.

It continues to be hard for mid-major conferences to place their teams. Clemson would play the victor of Wichita State and South Dakota State in the second round. But stacking two games up against an entire season is a different story.

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