Augmented reality dinos in Jurassic World Alive


However, one major difference between Jurassic World Alive and Pokemon Go is that players will not need to actually go outside and walk around to capture the dinosaurs.

Jurassic World Alive is being developed by Montreal-based studio Ludia, whose developers were perhaps so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn't stop to think if they should. It's reported that when you encounter different species of dinosaurs, you have to collect DNA samples.

Keen on promoting its new dino movie and following the juggernaut that is Pokemon Go, Universal has announced an AR-based mobile game based on Jurassic World.

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After Pokemon Go hit the global stage and was a hit among game enthusiasts, R games started coming up with more out of the box ideas.

Quite likePokemon Go, this game will require enabling the Global Positioning System of one's phone to enable one to roam about in one's locality or wherever one is travel so that one can interacting with dinosaurs.

While playing, gamers can collect dinosaurs while walking around the neighborhoods and cities. Certain dinosaurs will also be unique to specific locations. Instead, you'll gather their DNA and this will, in turn, allow you to breed your own hybrids and by a regular John Hammond.

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You'll also be able to pit your dinos and against other players' dinos in battles or you can simply show off your creations to the world by taking selfies with them. Those who will go for it, an in-game incubator awaits them at the time of the game launch. You can even take your collected team of hybrids and have them battle dinosuars controlled by other players.

Alive isn't the only big JP game to come out this year; Frontier Developments is bringing park simulator game Jurassic World Evolutions to PS4, Xbox One, and PC in the summer. Players can even opt to pre-register now at the official site. It's clear from the initial information released about the game that Alive will function very similarly to Pokemon GO in that respect. The film is the fifth of the Jurassic Park series and a sequel to Jurassic World that was released in 2015.

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