Based lawyer to announce first lawsuit in fatal bridge collapse


A news conference is scheduled for later today to announce the civil lawsuit filed on behalf of someone injured in the collapse.

Orlando law firm Morgan & Morgan filed Monday the first lawsuit against the companiesthat built the pedestrian bridge that collapsed near Florida International University in Miami last week, killing six people.

On Monday, the university observed a moment of silence 1:47 p.m., the same time the bridge fell last Thursday, as the first step in healing the community. As crews removed bodies from beneath a collapsed pedestrian bridge Saturday, a victim's uncle raged against what he called the "complete incompetence" and "colossal failure" that allowed people to drive beneath the unfinished concrete span. "Navarro Brown, Rolando Fraga Hernandez, Oswald Gonzalez, Alberto Arias, Brandon Brownfield".

About three hours after the meeting ended, the bridge collapsed. A sixth victim died in hospital.

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Investigations are now under way by the USA's National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB).

An FDOT consultant attended a meeting with the project engineers the day of the collapse, and participated in a discussion about the cracks, but FDOT says the engineers said there were no safety concerns and never asked for assistance from the department. The time is when the bridge crossing Southwest 8th Street near 109th Avenue gave way, crushing those under it.

In a statement, FIGG said it would "work diligently with authorized determine what led to the accident and what can be done to ensure that nothing like it happens again". NTSB officials are investigating the report, but said it's not clear if cracks contributed to the bridge's catastrophic failure.

Inspectors walks over what remains of a pedestrian bridge near Florida International University, Sunday, March 18, 2018 near Miami.

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Among the companies named in the suit is FIGG Bridge Engineers, Inc., which designed the bridge, and Munilla Construction Management, which was responsible for building it.

"We know this will be a hard week", university President Mark Rosenberg said in a statement. We will fully cooperate with every appropriate authority in reviewing what happened and why.

A voicemail released by FDOT shows project engineers had concerns over cracks discovered in the bridge.

The bridge was constructed off-site and relocated using Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC), a popular (and usually successful) industry method that aims to reduce potential risks to workers, commuters and pedestrians and minimize traffic interruptions.

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