Day care owner drugged kids so she could go tanning


Last month, Neatherlin pleaded guilty to 12 counts of first-degree criminal mistreatment and a single count of third-degree assault.

The operator of the Little Giggles day care center in Bend, Ore., had a rule: Parents couldn't drop off or collect their children between 11am and 2pm.

A previous daycare owner in OR has been sentenced to 21 years after she gave children melatonin, a sleep-aid, so she could hit the gym and go tanning while they slept.

Police started monitoring her after they received tips from a former boyfriend and a former roommate.

The police further looked into the records maintained by a gymnasium called Cross Fit as well as Tan Republic to find that Neatherlin visited these facilities between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. local time (EDT).

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Little Giggles owner January Neatherlin was found guilty of drugging kids in her care so she could work out and get a tan.

One example given was an 11-month-old girl who was taken to hospital after suffering bleeding and swelling on her head; injuries which were consistent with being repeatedly struck or shaken. "January has no respect for human life", one parent said during Friday's court hearing, KTVZ reports. "I made a very poor call, and it has forever changed my life and even ended it", she said, reported Fox 19.

Police said she drove her kids to school on the first trip and on the second went to a local tanning salon.

"Everybody makes mistakes, but not everybody takes responsibility for those mistakes", Neatherlin said, according to the news station.

In court on Friday, many parents told the judge reasons why Neatherlin deserved a full sentence of 35 years as requested by the prosecution. Court documents at that time described her as having an "on-going, systematic scheme of doing what she wanted and getting what she wanted, without any concern for the danger she was placing others in".

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Officers watched as parents dropped off their children and then saw Neatherlin drive away hours later, authorities said.

Little Giggles Daycare had been investigated twice before by state child welfare advocates.

"In my opinion, your honor", Kevin Hord, one of the fathers of the children in the day care told the judge, "100 years would not be enough".

Neatherlin's rap sheet dates back to 2007, when she was charged with multiple instances of theft and identity theft.

None of the children in her care sustained any permanent damage from being given melatonin, according to the Tribune.

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