GOP watches vote count in Pa. House race


Indeed, Democrats' euphoria over how he fared on Tuesday will give way to sharp internal tensions and sustained quarreling over which sorts of candidates - soft-spoken or bold, centrist or liberal, eclectic or pure - the party would be wisest, from a pragmatic standpoint, to promote. "The America of the future looks absolutely nothing like the 18th District in Pennsylvania".

In Pennsylvania, the tally of absentee ballots ate into Lamb's lead slightly, though analysts doubt Saccone will make up the deficit.

Who would have thought that the excitement would continue into the next morning with the candidates' fate being decided by a few thousand votes?

Lamb has declared victory. A recount would actually resolve the first complaint, while the second and third have no remedy except a do-over, which a judge would be highly unlikely to order without evidence of malicious tampering.

The Republican candidate, Mr Saccone, a former Air Force counter-intelligence officer, had described himself as "Trump before Trump was Trump" and led the race by more than 10 percentage points in January.

According to Lamb, common ground was important, and it seemed to be the foundation of his campaign.

Thank you for joining the discussion at The New American. The crowd answered with applause and shouts of jubilation. I was ready to write a piece about how he put up a good fight, but it was a district deep in Trump country, and some seats just aren't competitive. "Our job in Congress is to attack the problems, not each other", he continued, promising to "work with anyone".

But Moulton was no newcomer to Lamb's campaign.

Some would say Conor Lamb (D) sounds more like a Republican than a Democrat.

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"Both these people, both candidates ran as conservative - ran as pro-gun, pro-life, anti-Nancy Pelosi conservatives", said Ryan.

"He [Lamb] ran the most centrist, bland campaign".

Saccone's poor performance is worrying for Republicans who were sure that tax cuts, the party's only major legislative achievement under Trump, would be a vote victor this year. If less than half of his votes had gone to Saccone, Miller could have swung the entire race. The other 70 plus minute speech was about his favorite topic-himself.

"We knew the midterms were going to be hard", House Republican Tom Cole told CNN, acknowledging that "our majority is at stake".

The in-fighting and myriad of daily tweets are emotionally and mentally fatiguing. One does not have to belong to any particular party to see the train coming down the track.

"This should be a wake-up call", House Speaker Paul Ryan told Republican lawmakers in a closed-door conference, according to a person in the room.

On Tuesday, Conor Lamb got 72%.

Lamb supporters and many Republicans, including the POTUS, agreed with Ryan. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee claimed victory for Lamb in a statement Tuesday night, while the National Republican Congressional Committee said it was "confident" Saccone would win.

Since the end of 2017, U.S. media outlets have been broadcasting and foretelling of the blue wave that is descending upon the US. Should Democrats seek to build a coalition of college-educated suburbanites plus white urbanites and minorities, or should they try to win back blue-collar white voters who have fallen away from the party in recent decades? And that's something Democrats need to think about this fall. That means the Democrat improved upon Clinton's mark by 11.3 percentage points while the Republican ran 8.5 percentage points behind Trump.

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Conor quoted his Democratic grandfather and advice given to him government and people, saying that government should walk on the same side of the street as its people.

Who didn't think this would go to a recount?

The Republican Party does not want to admit that it is in trouble.

"We had an interesting time because we lifted [Saccone] seven points up".

It is becoming crystal clear that change has come and change is here.

Also, turnout was pretty high, especially for a special election in March.

Both the Washington Post and Politico also obtained copies of the recording, made during a closed-door fundraiser for Missouri Senate candidate Josh Hawley. Others see the handwriting on the wall and are scrambling to review campaign strategies for the 2018 mid-term elections. Saccone chose to associate closely with the president, claiming that he was "Trump before Trump was Trump".

A Republican official told CNN that Trump, who was raising money with GOP donors in Beverly Hills, California, had been asking for updates throughout the evening and was pleasantly surprised by the narrow margin.

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