Is Trump Preparing to Fire Robert Mueller?


The technical business of lawyering - evidenced Monday by a Washington Post report that the President's team is trying to limit the scope of any eventual interview with Mueller - is also unlikely to give Trump a vent for his pent-up anger.

CNN reported in January that Mueller's team had given the President's lawyers general topics for an interview, such as Trump's request that Comey drop the investigation into Flynn, his reaction to Comey's May 2017 testimony on Capitol Hill, and Trump's contact with intelligence officials about the Russian Federation investigation.

Former FBI Director James Comey's forthcoming book jumped to a top spot on Amazon's best sellers list following President Donald Trump's flurry of Twitter attacks against him.

For months, Trump's defense lawyer inside the White House, Ty Cobb, has downplayed Mueller's need for the President's testimony and the depth of the investigation.

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So as the President slips political constraints by shuffling his White House and foreign policy team and rages against convention, Mueller and his investigators have Trump penned in with no easy means of escape.

"I have worked with Joe for many years and have full confidence that he will be a great asset in our representation of the President", Sekulow said in a statement.

"Trump reacted to the news that McCabe kept memos by once again attacking him in the Russian Federation probe. tweeting 'Spent very little time with Andrew McCabe but he never took notes when he was with me".

Trump tweeted Saturday that the Mueller probe "should never have been started in that there was no collusion and there was no crime".

Trump is reportedly using nondisclosure agreements to stop staffers from speaking out
Several free speech and civil rights experts besides Zaid said the agreement is unconstitutional, and therefore unenforceable. If you have a leaker on your staff, the cure is firing, not suing.

Trump's lawyers and spokesmen have pledged that he and his staff would cooperate fully with Mueller's probe. "There will be no response from Republican leadership, from Congress".

The written materials Trump's lawyers have provided reportedly include summaries of internal White House memos and correspondences about events Mueller is looking into, like Comey's and Flynn's firing.

"I think the White House has said 10 times, maybe more, that they're not going to fire Robert Mueller". Yet behind the scenes, the President has wavered on his pledge as friends and advisers cautioned him of the risks of speaking to prosecutors who've already charged 19 individuals with criminal offenses, including lying.

The attempt at burying the firing of Federal Bureau of Investigation deputy director Andrew McCabe as a Friday evening news dump of course does not work in this era of 24/7 news cycles, but it did mean that late night hosts had to wait until Monday to crack jokes about what somehow managed to be the biggest current story in a Trump administration swirling with major stories at the moment. Can we call them fake memos?'

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For that to happen, some clear illegality by Trump would have to be proved. Sessions previously spoke to Mueller's team while investigators looked into possible obstruction of justice.