Jennifer Lawrence Delivers in Smart, Cunning Red Sparrow


The film has had positive reviews from some, with Lawrence earning praise for her role as Russian spy Dominika Egorova.

The film is adapted from Jason Matthews' novel, and Haythe does a decent job of condensing the spy plot, writing a new ending that's imperfect but an improvement on the book's. What we have with this film, then, is something akin to La Femme Nikita Who Came in from the Cold.

During her interview on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Jennifer kicked off her high heels as she got comfortable on the couch, and brazenly declared "haters" were not welcome at screenings of her spy thriller Red Sparrow, which has received less-than-positive reviews from critics.

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When she agreed, they immediately began a conversation "about how to make her as comfortable as possible", he said. It was written in disappearing ink.

You see the problem here - I sound like Wallace Shawn in The Princess Bride before he swallows poison. Joel Edgerton co-stars as American CIA agent Nate Nash. That's probably too many, but there are moments of campy excess that make it a semi-worthwhile guilty pleasure.

Jennifer Lawrence is a household name, but it hasn't always been that way. But when a stomach-turning injury ends her career, the continuation of her mother's care (and their housing) becomes uncertain. Her manner is as stoic and severe as her bangs.

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Charlotte Rampling plays "Matron", the head of the women's spy school, and she doesn't stop scowling once. She isn't sold on Dominika's abilities, but a Russian officer (played by Jeremy Irons) is. RED SPARROW is structured and wound up so tightly around this idea of power and control in intimate situations, and in the process, it has pushed the audience away by focusing only on the body and not allowing us to explore what's going on inside. The watchability comes from Lawrence. Early on, Dominika is sent to a Russian charm school, or as she derisively calls it, "whore school": the Sparrow cadets are trained to use every tool at their disposal to understand and undermine their targets, including using their own sexuality. Just as Dominika doesn't need to be told that twice, Lawrence has picked up on the skill, too. Yes, Dominika belonged to the Bolshoi.

She switched up her evolving beauty looks, this time going for a vertiginous bun, with a smokey eye and glossy red lip. "That is how we survive".

Considering that Jennifer Lawrence's history in the action genre has centered on two long-running, highly successful franchises (X-Men and The Hunger Games) built around characters whose personalities and inner workings of which we barely scratch the surface, I was genuinely surprised watching Red Sparrow to discover a richly drawn central figure whose motivations and tortured soul take center stage.

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Reluctantly, she accept an assignment to get close to an important man she met the night of her final performance at the ballet and try to extract important information from him. You do see a lot of Joel Edgerton walking around a flat wearing jeans, but when did anyone go to the cinema to see that?