New Video Shows Potential Alien UFO Sighting


The pair of videos showed an encounter by U.S. Navy fighter jets with a white, oval shaped flying object off the coast of San Diego in 2004. "Look on the S.A." the other responds.

Soon, to the shock of the pilots, the UFO changes position. The footage was taken from cockpit cameras and shows the U.S. fighter pilots struggling to lock their radar on to the small oval-shaped white object. "Look at that flying!" the other pilot said.

The video was released by the To The Stars Academy Of Arts & Science, an organization that has previously released similar military footage of encounters with unexplained aircraft.

Shortly before leaving his post, Elizondo pushed for the public release of three key videos from the Pentagon's secret vaults.

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Mellon believes that although they may not necessarily indicate alien life, the UFOs could be advanced Chinese or Russian technology, which would still warrant an investigation.

In October 2017, Luis Elizondo, the former head of the Pentagon intelligence program investigating UFOs resigned to protest what he described excessive secrecy surrounding the program, and internal opposition to it, the New York Times reported.

The passionate phenomenon of UFO sightings and seekers has been around for decades, fueled by stories eye-witness accounts, including the famous story of a spacecraft that reportedly crashed in the New Mexico desert in 1947.

Chris Mellon, an adviser to TTSA and a former deputy assistant secretary of defense for intelligence for the Clinton and George W. Bush administrations, wrote a piece in The Washington Post on Friday calling for more attention to the UFO issue.

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However, he wrote that sightings of odd and mysterious objects are not new to officials in the defense department and intelligence agencies but "nobody wants to be 'the alien guy in the national security bureaucracy; nobody wants to be ridiculed or sidelined for drawing attention to the issue". "This is true up and down the chain of command, and it is a serious and recurring impediment to progress", he said. "There is no Pentagon process for synthesizing all the observations the military is making", he wrote. "The current approach is equivalent to having the Army conduct a submarine search without the Navy", Mellon writes.

While some are skeptical about whether Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) or aliens exist, there are some firm believers and even a few who have been "abducted".

Sen. Reid told the New York Times that $22 million funding for the program came from black money, meaning the funds set aside for classified operations.

Countries like China, Russia, and other European nations are willing to pursue this idea more than their American counterparts, according to Bigelow. "[Other countries] are proactive and willing to discuss this topic, rather than being held back by a juvenile taboo".

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