Nicolas Sarkozy in police custody over campaign funding


Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy was taken into police custody on Tuesday for questioning over suspected Libyan financing of his 2007 election campaign, a source close to the inquiry told AFP.

Le Monde reports today that the OCLCIFF anti-corruption agency, which is holding Mr Sarkozy, had delivered a report to judges citing many witnesses regarding money circulating in Mr Sarkozy's election campaign.

This is a developing story.

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It is not the first time that Sarkozy has been detained: he became the first French president to enter police custody in July 2014 over a separate inquiry into claims that he tried to interfere in one of the several investigations targeting him.

Mr Sarkozy has repeatedly denied he has accepted money from Libya.

A judicial inquiry into the allegations has been underway since 2013. The late Libyan leader claimed that he financed Nicolas Sarkozy's presidential campaign in 2007.

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A lawyer for Djouhri last month accused French authorities of politicizing the case and manipulating it against his client. Sarkozy first retired from politics after failing to win re-election in 2012.

Sarkozy has been dogged for years by political scandals, but none has led to a conviction.

Takieddine stated in 2016 that he personally handed over three suitcases filled with cash from Gaddafi to Sarkozy and a senior aide to help finance Sarkozy's campaign.

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This organized network had allegedly been set up after the arrival of Sarkozy at the Interior Ministry in 2002, which strengthened further after he entered the presidential Elysee Palace in 2007.