Number of flu-related deaths in CT jumps to 112


State health officials say the number of confirmed influenza cases across NY has decreased for the second consecutive week.

Health officials in North Carolina say there have been 12 new flu deaths in the state.

"Flu season isn't over, and you should protect yourself", Elizabeth Webster, M.D., director of the Hampton and Peninsula health districts said in a news release.

The latest N.C. Flu Report from the state's Division of Public Health shows a decline in flu cases statewide, with a peak occurring mid-February.

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Health officials said flu activity has already peaked in the state, but it remains high and widespread. Jamie Dukes with the State Health Department says the older population is the most vulnerable.

Last year, 218 people died from the flu in North Carolina.

"We could have six more weeks of flu".

Mission Health asks patients' family and friends to limit their hospital visits and that visitors younger than 12 and those who do not feel well to call patients rather than visit them in the hospital. The rules ban children from patient rooms and limit the number of visitors to two adults at a time.

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Based on the public outcry from the 2017-2018 seasonal influenza outbreak, along with the national security implications of a future severely virulent influenza pandemic, GlobalData believes that the transition to non-egg vaccine mass production technologies should be expedited.

Mecklenburg County does not report flu statistics until the end of the season.

Egg-based manufacturing processes have been used to develop flu vaccines for more than 70 years (reported by CDC), however, the alternative methods - cell and recombinant - have also been approved for use by regulatory bodies and do not suffer the same limitations found with eggs. He also recommends the usual commonsense measures of covering your mouth when you cough, washing your hands and contacting your physician if your condition doesn't improve.

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