NY flu cases continue sharp decline, state officials say


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention today reported national cases are falling as well, but 21 states are still seeing high rates of the virus.

The so-called Spanish Flu killed 9000 people in just six weeks, including a disproportionate number of Māori and one-fifth of the population of New Zealand-occupied Samoa.

The global system for manufacturing seasonal influenza vaccines was developed during the 1940s to respond to the natural evolution of influenza viruses. These technologies are capable of producing vaccines that are better created to deal with circulating strains of influenza virus, according to GlobalData.

The flu season is nearing its end, but even now there are more influenza cases in California than there were at the peak of the season a year ago.

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Public health officials warn that although flu activity is decreasing overall, the flu season is expected to continue through mid-April or later.

The latest influenza-like illness (ILI) report from the state health department shows a decrease in flu-like illnesses in our region.

Cabaj said high-risk groups, in particular, are urged to get the vaccine, such as young children, older adults, people with chronic conditions and pregnant women. It is also resistant against vaccination. The more people are shielded, the smaller the odds of an unvaccinated person coming into contact with an infected person, thus limiting virus spread.

It's estimated around 500 Kiwis die of flu-related causes each winter, but the officially recorded number is only a fraction of that figure.

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The data and analytics company stated that the traditional egg-based approach to the manufacture of commercial flu vaccines commonly induces a suboptimal immune response. If you do become ill, stay home to avoid spreading it to your classmates and teachers.

"We encourage everyone to remain diligent in flu precautions and to see a medical provider if they present with flu symptoms", said Andrea Pitts, director of marketing and public relations at Redmond. Cough into the bend of the elbow and cover your nose when you sneeze.

The virus can survive on a surface, including desks in the classroom, for up to 24 hours. Touching any of these areas moves germs from the hands into the body.

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