Oscars: 10 Things to Know About Best Picture Nominee 'Lady Bird'


The film's ability to make the viewer feel for Lady Bird while at the same time laughing at the sheer awkwardness as she strives for adulthood is the flawless balance to create an enjoyable experience for the viewer. The comic star of Frances Ha and Mistress America found the flawless avatar in Saoirse Ronan for her film's title rebel, in a story inspired by Gerwig's own Catholic-schoolgirl upbringing in Sacramento.

Victor of the best motion picture - Musical or Comedy at the 75th Golden Globe Awards, LADY BIRD is undeniably a rare indie gem on adolescence seen in recent times.

Writer/director Greta Gerwig made Sacramento a happening place through her film Lady Bird, and now she wants to make three more movies set in the California city.

This is perhaps an unfair criticism of Lady Bird, a film which does not pretend to be more than it is: a family drama about a young, callow girl with a good heart who goes through her share of teenage neuroses.

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Lady Bird is still on general release across the UK.

While much has been written about best-actor nominee Timothèe Chalamet's gut-wrenching final shot in gay romance Call Me By Your Name, Ronan is equally mesmerizing in Lady Bird's last scene, as Christine calls her mom to thank her for everything she's done: makeup smudged and severely hungover, but conveying newfound maturity and perspective.

Key early kudos: Golden Globes for Best Actress and Best Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy; TFCA Best Director and Best Supporting Actress. For instance, while ruing the seeming mundaneness of her life and times, Lady Bird says, "The only exciting thing about 2002 is that it's a palindrome".

Lady Bird and Marion argue.

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Greta Gerwig couldn't have planned a better introduction to the world of solo directing.

'And then she gets more and more aggressive and he still won't turn around. I feel like I have the privilege of being from a place, and I'm really from that place. Despite this, Hope said, she has found in her studies that, on average, the mother-daughter bond is the strongest, followed by mother-son and father-son. The movie is constantly powered by Saoirse Ronan's all the way endearing and winning performance. A month into the production of the film, they began dating. In one scene, Lady Bird finds herself holding her former boyfriend, Danny, as he sobs, begging her not to tell anyone he's gay. Lady Bird is not a character: Lady Bird is a self-portrait, Lady Bird is me, Lady Bird is every daughter of every mother. Yes, "Lady Bird" lacks the overt cinematic flourishes that are more evident in the works of Gerwig's competition. But mother-daughter relationships are depicted far less often, and as the member of a household with a wonderful yet complicated example of such a dynamic, I can confirm that "Lady Bird" is all the more powerful precisely because of its handsome combination of the specific and the universal.

"You're watching this person figure themselves out", Ronan responded.

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