Plastic Particles Found In Bottled Water, Study Finds


Valued at $147 billion per year, bottled water is the fastest-growing beverage market in the world.

Sherri Mason, a professor of chemistry at the [State University of NY in Fredonia], conducted the analysis and told BBC News: "We found [plastic] in bottle after bottle and brand after brand".

However, the World Health Organization has said it will begin to study this matter to give the public better guidance. "We are now investigating this issue", read the statement.

The brands Orb Media said it had tested were: Aqua (Danone), Aquafina (PepsiCo), Bisleri (Bisleri International), Dasani (Coca-Cola), Epura (PepsiCo), Evian (Danone), Gerolsteiner (Gerolsteiner Brunnen), Minalba (Grupo Edson Queiroz), Nestle´ Pure Life (Nestle´), San Pellegrino (Nestle´) and Wahaha (Hangzhou Wahaha Group).

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The scientists wrote they had "found roughly twice as many plastic particles within bottled water" compared with their previous study of tap water.

Mr Amponsah-Bediako was speaking to the Ghana News Agency on the latest study by the World Health Organisation (WHO) on potential risks of microplastic particles in bottled drinking water and promised to draw the attention of the study to the appropriate technical unit of the Authority for their information and action.

In India, samples were drawn from 19 locations in Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai.

"There are connections to increases in certain kinds of cancer to lower sperm count to increases in conditions like ADHD and autism", Sherri Mason, lead researcher for the study, told Agence France-Presse.

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"Some of the bottles we tested contained so many particles that we asked a former astrophysicist to use his experience counting stars in the heavens to help us tally these fluorescing constellations".

In order to test bottled water, a dye called Nile Red is infused into each bottle which then binds to the plastic.

None of the other companies agreed to publicize their plastic contamination test results, according to Orb Media. While it seems intuitive that you wouldn't want to consume plastics if you can help it, the science simply isn't there to say it's bad for your health. "The bottled water industry is committed to providing consumers with the safest and highest quality products".

In Indonesia, Tempo worked together with the University of Indonesia's (UI) chemistry lab to independently test three brands of bottled water that are widely available in Indonesia; one brand was the same brand with the one tested in the US.

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The World Health Organisation has announced a review into the potential risks of plastic in drinking water after a study by scientists from the State University of NY found that over 90% of bottled water worldwide contains tiny pieces of plastic. Around 4,000 children die every day from water-borne diseases.