Robert Mueller delivers heartbreaking news on 'The Bachelor' for 'SNL'


Kate McKinnon and Cecily Strong tackle the Robert Mueller investigation through a Bachelor metaphor on Saturday Night Live.

"So what, you don't have Trump on collusion?" asks a stunned Strong.

"Honestly, probably six", says Mueller. And the reality is that I don't think that I can give you everything that you want right now.

Trump loves Russian Federation, but he may not be in collusion with Russian Federation.

Mueller: Well, I think I need to explore the possibility that I might have a stronger case with some other stuff.

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"No, no I mean the Seychelles were fantastic", McKinnon as Mueller says, trying to comfort her.

The sketch, which starts out slow but amps up to some darkly amusing moments, depicts Strong's Becca increasingly in denial about the possibility that Donald Trump won't get indicted.

"This is so f*cking embarrassing". Through a split screen hilariously capturing them both, Becca says, "Collusion is the only thing I've been looking for for the past year".

After some time alone crying, Becca emerges from a locked room and asks, "So that's it?" Trump's thoughts on executing drug dealers begin 49 minutes in, and his "presidential" bit starts just after the one-hour mark.

He kept pouring on the bad news.

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But all of her sadness was instantly washed away when Mueller shared the only good news she's heard in a while: "Look, if it makes you feel any better, [Jared] Kushner's cooked and also you're the next "Bachelorette".

Trump spoke of his party's tax reform bill ("bigger than [Ronald] Reagan"), Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) ("very low-IQ individual"), NBC's Chuck Todd ("sleeping son of a bitch"), and Oprah, whom he said he would "love to beat" in the 2020 election, though it would be "a painful experience for her".

Becca Kufrin keeps getting her heart broken, even on "Saturday Night Live".

"Millions of Americans have tuned into the show that's captivating a nation", the commercial's voiceover says.

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