Selfie time! Curious penguins find camera in Antarctica


Two Emperor penguins in Antarctica have been caught on camera appearing to try to take a selfie.

"It didn't take long for the naturally curious birds to seize the opportunity for a selfie", explained the Australian Antarctic Division. Emperor penguins wasted little time walking over to the camera to check it out, according to the Australia Antarctic Division website. The video has been viewed more than 84,000 times in a day and a half with netizens commenting about the curious penguins.

"Because everyone has that one friend", quips the paper, another penguin soon nudges its way into the frame.

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In the 37-second clip, you see a couple of Emperor penguins who stumbled across a camera and that's when the selfie magic happened.

Scientists involved with the Australian Antarctic programmes study the lives of these penguins and one of their aims is to understand how human activities affect them.

Because the penguins didn't initiate the recording, the Australian Antarctic Division may avoid the same legal complications that surfaced around the infamous "monkey selfie".

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When researcher Eddie Gault momentarily placed his camera on the ground it's unlikely that he was expecting to end up with one of the best selfies ever taken.

Emperor penguins (Aptenodytes forsteri) are native to Antarctica, with the emperor being the largest of the 18 penguin species.

The ensuing "monkey selfies" quickly went viral and were featured in a 2014 photography book by Slater called "Wildlife Personalities".

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