Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion DLC and Update 3.0 Detailed in Nintendo Direct


Going for $19.99, the new campaign will allow players to finally play as an Octoling in the Splatoon series.

A new DLC single player mode is coming to Splatoon 2 this summer. People play as Agent 8, an amnesiac octoling who wakes up in a subway system. The expansion will cost $20.00 and anyone who pre-purchases it now will get immediate access to Octo gear!

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The Splatoon 2 version 3.0 update will launch in late April, Nintendo announced. Along the way, you'll meet Capt'n Cuttlefish, and Pearn and Marina will contact you via radio.

What's New in Splatoon 2 Update 3.0?

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Before then, we'll see the release of Update 3.0. The returning maps are Piranha Pit and Camp Triggerfish with Wahoo World being the new one.

On the competitive side of splatting a new rank is being created.

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Bust out of the underground and into Inkopolis, and you'll be able to hop into online multiplayer as an Octoling. On top of that, a new rank will be added to ranked play, with X rank now serving as the ceiling for skilled players. She'll hang out with Marie in the entry of Octo Canyon once certain conditions are met. Purchasing the DLC early will enable you to receive Octo headgear and clothes that you'll be able to use in Splatoon 2 today.