Texas bomber suspect kills self as police close in, officials say


On Tuesday morning, an employee at a FedEx distribution center was injured.

An Austin police officer secures the scene near another explosion in the 9800 block of Brodie Lane in Austin, Texas, on Tuesday, March 20, 2018. "We still need people to be vigilant", Austin Mayor Steve Adler told the local CBS news affiliate early on Wednesday. It was the fifth blast to rock the USA city in March.

Chief Manley did not say if the suspect died as a result of the explosion of officer's gunshots. "There's no reason to believe that it is related to any of the other incidents that occurred. and no reason to believe this was an attempt at a copycat [attack]".

Following reports that the man suspected of being behind five bombings in Texas was dead, US President Donald Trump took to Twitter to praise the work of the law enforcement officers.

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Manley said investigators still had no clear idea of what prompted the suspect to carry out the bombing.

When commenting on a series of bombings in Austin, Texas, the White House had stated earlier that the incidents are not believed to be linked to terrorism.

"This was not an explosive device", Ely Reyes, the assistant chief of police, said at a media briefing late Tuesday.

Investigators said there was also a second bomb at the facility that hadn't exploded.

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Later that day, another explosive package was intercepted before going off at a FedEx facility outside Austin airport.

"It was so dark they couldn't tell and they tripped", he said. "It appears that the source of the suspect packages was a private package delivery office in Sunset Valley", Sunset Valley police said in a statement.

It was the first device in the sequence that did not detonate in Austin, the state capital, but the attorney-general of Texas, ...

Investigators say a package bomb that exploded late Sunday in Austin was set off by a tripwire and was "more sophisticated" than the three previous blasts earlier this month. "After the bomb went off, I heard another pop after it".

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The series of bombings began on March 2 and bewildered law enforcement officials, who by Sunday began taking the unusual step of issuing a public call for the suspected serial bomber to get in touch and explain why he was carrying out the bombings.