The Diamondbacks Are Reviving the Bullpen Cart


The team brought two golf cars and put big Diamondback helmets on top.

"It brings a little personality".

No motorized vehicle has been used to transport relievers from the bullpen since 1995, when the Milwaukee Brewers utilized a motorcycle and sidecar as a bullpen cart.

The D-Backs entered the league after the bullpen cart was phased out, but they're reviving it celebrate their 20th anniversary. Mike Fetters, Arizona's bullpen coach, was the closer for the Brewers that season.

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Fetters said he thinks the new-age pitcher will give the bullpen cart a try, though the Diamondbacks won't tell the pitchers what to do.

Well, as detailed in this February feature by Michael Clair on the history of the carts, MLB teams used some form of bullpen-to-mound transportation as early as 1950.

The Kansas City Athletics added one in 1955, and by the 1960s, the carts could be found across the majors and minors.

Many closers now have their own intro music and grand entrance.

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Can the bullpen cart fit into today's game with the modern relievers? The pitchers will then make their way to the mound.

Still, he's open to the change.

"Yeah, if I have a chance I would use it", he said through a translator. "I don't think we could've made it". We'll see how it's received. They talked about the bullpen carts and the price of them (the Mets' 1967 one sold for $112,500 on eBay in 2015), and Sofia was able to track down the original patent from now-defunct Baker Industries, team with a fiberglass fabricator in Tampa, and create SportsKartz, which offers these for around $10,000. Other teams used golf carts, some modified to look like baseballs wearing giant caps. "This generation's different, they want to be different, so I think they'll be more receptive to it".

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