'This Is Us' Fans React to Old Jack Pearson


Theories on the Internet have Randall (Sterling K. Brown) or perhaps Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) meeting their maker next.

As for what they are talking about, there are a few things that you can wonder about.

In an equally wrenching scene, Rebecca recalls the first day she ever met Jack - remember back in the season one finale when she was singing in that bar? - and then pays tribute to that moment with a attractive rendition of "Moonshadow", the same song she was singing on the day Jack first set eyes on her. Jack tears up, and so do I, and so does everybody. Earlier in the night, Toby's parents warned him about marrying Kate because they knew how depressed he had gotten after his divorce, and they were anxious about him falling into that again. We know that This Is Us is a fairly morbid show these days, and with that in mind this is a definite possibility.

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Why it might not be her: The scene of Deja wrecking the vehicle was juxtaposed with the scene of Randall and adult Tess talking, which is a classic set up for a This Is Us head fake. Looks like the Pearsons are going to be dealing with her abandonment issues heading into the next season. Within the latter half of this season alone, This Is Us gave us a heartbreaking miscarriage; an almost devastating vehicle accident that resulted in a DUI; a fire that nearly killed Jack Pearson, then didn't, but sort of did because he died of a heart attack afterward, all on Super Bowl Sunday; an eviction; and a wedding day that should have been focused on celebrating Toby and Kate but instead was dominated by the heavy grief and guilt Kate has been carrying for two decades with regard to her father's death. Kate freaks out when she worries that he should have been in them.

In the finale, Beth and Randall play a game of "worst case scenario" and there's one conversation they share that may be a serious case of foreshadowing. "And that's not to say that they are in danger of parting ways, but marriage is real and takes work". After Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) and Randall anxious at the start of the episode about Deja going down the wrong path, it looks like that's exactly where she's headed. During Randall's toast, "The Wedding" teases next season with a time jump focusing on a year later. As for Kevin, his future is looking brighter with a new girl on his arm and a trip to reconnect with his father. Cousin Zoe tries to ease Deja's anger; like her, she was a teen angry at the world, no thanks to a mother who dumped her at her aunt's house when she was a child.

Season 2 of This Is Us was full of highs and lows.

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Another takeaway for fans tonight is that it's the first time we see Milo Ventimiglia act opposite Chrissy Metz as older Jack and older Kate in a scene. Beth was probably at home making pot brownies or doing her hair and being awesome. Apparently, in a year, Kevin will be dating Zoey and they'll be headed to Vietnam. It also dealt more directly and honestly with the fact that bad things happen to good people, not because there's a grand plan in place, but because life is just kind of an asshole sometimes.

While Randall, Beth, Tess and Annie enjoy the brief respite from the uncertainty that's about to come to their family and after wondering where Deja has run off to, we see Deja taking a baseball bat and smashing Randall's vehicle. "I feel like the moment she heard her mom say to the judge that she wanted to terminate all parental rights, something switched in her", Beth tells Randall earlier tonight regarding Deja's massive mood swing.

Because you know This Is Us season 2 episode 18 isn't going to pull any punches. Do you think Toby's parents are right about Kate being unstable? Want more news? Like our This Is Us Facebook page. Let us know in the comments and on social media.

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